Micro Pebble…and something new

Hot trend in wall surfaces: Micro-PebbleMaybe you caught this picture of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Malibu master shower in September’s Architectural Digest.

It sports one of the hot trends in wall surfaces:  Micro-Pebble

And wouldn’t you know it…you can get your Micro-Pebble fix at Inside Out Architecturals.

But I’ll hip to a little secret.  There is a new surface that takes its cues from Micro-Pebble so fresh it doesn’t even have a name yet.

We’ll be installing some of it up in Park City in the next couple of weeks and if you ask nice, I’ll let you touch it.

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Tile Art

Like paintings, photographs, and sculptures, decorative/custom tile is another art form that can be used anywhere the imagination allows. Kitchen and bathrooms are the most common places to tout custom tile. Amazingly, some contractors and decorators are building and remodeling these utilitarian rooms around the tile rather than the appliances or bath fixtures, because the unique tile is the focal point of the room. Of course, custom tile use is not restricted to the kitchen and bathroom.

Decorative tile can add personality to the laundry room, craft room, children’s play room, sunroom, anywhere really. It can also be used to frame windows, surround fireplaces, create a chair-rail or border effect, or separate spaces. For example, glass cube tiles are frequently used to isolate a toilet or shower area from the rest of the bathroom. This technique is also used in flooring.

Flooring can take several different directions with custom tile. Tiled “rugs” can be used to define specialty areas. Easy maintenance and longevity of floor-appropriate tile is yet another benefit.

Colors, textures, luminosity and materials vary from simple ceramic and clay tile, to metal composites and 3-D blown-glass tiles. The possibilities are endless, so pick some tile with personality and make your space as individual as you are.

Rachel Lott – for Inside Out Architecturals

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The Gift Of Tile


Peppermint Button Basket

I may be bias but there is nothing quite like the gift of tile, but I am a tile lover, so what could be a more unique gift for the Holidays, think of all the options. There are tiles in all different styles and shapes out there, old and new. People shadow box them, frame them, they commonly put lettering and sayings on them, think of all the creative options available. You try Googling the kind of tile you like and I am sure you will find something out there and believe me there are some unique ones. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Motawi Nutcracker/Dard Hunter Tree Plaque

These are framed tiles from Motawi Tileworks one of my much loved vendors, we share a similar enthusiasm for the Arts & Crafts Movement. This Movement began as a search for authentic and meaningful styles for the 19th century as a reaction to the Victorian era and the “soulless” machine-made production aided by the industrial revolution.

Peace Nutcracker

These tiles where inspired by designs created by Dard Hunter an active participant in the Arts & Crafts movement. He is primarily known for his papermaking and print works although he dabbled in many handmade arts, his designs are now an integral part of the movement. I especially relate to his desire, most likely learned from his father, that hand crafts not be sacrificed in the name of progress. Motawi Tileworks creates functional hand made art that I feel pays great tribute to their predecessors in this movement. If you would like to discuss more about the Arts & Crafts Movement or see more of Motawi Tileworks beautiful handiworks give me a call.

Leah Wynn, Inside Out Architecturals 801- 487-3274

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Who Said Tile has to be Square?

Glass Basket Weave Backsplash

The tile industry today is swimming with new and innovative shapes, textures and glazes to give you indefinite options for your space whether it is a Shower or Tub, a floor or kitchen back splash, you are not limited to the old boring square tile.

Inside Out Architecturals is proud to be able to show off Tantrum from Sonoma Tilemakers. Tantrum Tiles are an infused glass crackle glaze on a clay body. The design is usually raised on this style of tile allowing the glass to pool giving more depth in some areas therefore creating beautiful color variation. Sonoma has recently introduced many new decorative tiles in this series as well as Slivers and Arched 1×2 tiles that you can custom mesh.

Check out these pictures of a custom basket weave we made with Connie from European Marble and Granite for a special client. We would love to help you create something just as fabulous.

We have over thirty-five unique artisans to choose from and experienced designers to assist you.






Call for an Appointment 801-487-3274 or drop in and check out our showroom, 3412 South 300 West Suite A,  hours Mon- Thurs. 10-4.

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